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Our first workshop is on Sunday, July 22nd at the historic Women’s Club of Hollywood...

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What are we about?

Building camaraderie, instead of competition, among middle-school girls

The Girls Camaraderie Project (GCP) is an organization that hosts FREE one-day workshops with middle-school girls (ages 10-13) that create an experience of acceptance, community and contribution in their lives.


The mission is simple: to inspire connection, self-awareness, community and a sense of belonging among young girls world-wide, while allowing them to contribute to each other’s growth and empowerment. The goal of GCP is to inspire as many girls as possible, both in the USA and abroad, and to create a community of young women who support each other and feel supported as their truest selves, knowing that they can achieve their dreams without needing to fight their way to the top.  We aim to change their mindset at a young age, so they can experience the benefits of camaraderie, and understand the importance of working together to create a unified world. 

Company Overview

How It Works

1) Girls participate in a FREE workshop (led by female Broadway performers, artists, yoga instructors, therapists, filmmakers and others), in which the girls are invited to reflect, transform, connect, and define what camaraderie means to them. They will be engaged in all types of exercises, including a Drum Circle, Yoga, Imagination exercises, Guided Meditation, Singing together, Creative Writing, Talks about Body Image and Stress Management, Learning about girls who live in other parts of the world, and connecting through creativity – all in a Safe and Encouraging environment.

2) At the end of the workshop, the girls work as a team to create a unique memorable video that serves as a digital keepsake for them to remember their day together, and also becomes a welcome message to the next group of girls who will participate in their own GCP workshop, thus creating a bridge of commonality and contribution among girls who have never met each other.

Intentions of GCP Experience

The workshop engages the girls to:

  • Look within and share their hopes and fears
  • Awaken their creativity and imagination
  • Connect to each other in a meaningful way
  • Realize their similarities
  • Understand that the desire to be seen and appreciated is universal
  • Girls will feel empowered to appreciate each other and support each other in whatever they want to create in their own lives.
  • They will know that they can achieve their dreams through supportive means, without needing to fight their way to the top.
  • They will experience the benefits of living as one tribe, being young women who are unafraid of each other.


Producers: Arielle Jacobs & Lexi Lawson

General Information

Why It's Important

Middle school girls live through the most challenging times. Dealing with puberty and bodily changes has a hard hit on self-esteem, not to mention the competition that develops between girls when boys enter the picture. Girls can become jealous, isolated, and unsure. However, when girls feel supported and accepted by other girls in their community, they begin to understand and experience the benefits of living as one tribe, unafraid of each other. They know they can achieve their dreams through supportive means, without needing to fight their way to the top.

Girls Camaraderie Project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Girls Camaraderie Project must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


First Event!

The Girls Camaraderie Project (GCP) - philanthropic organization that hosts full-day workshops and pay-it-forward video project that inspires connection, acceptance and community among middle-school girls (ages 10-13)—is set to launch their first workshop Sunday, July 22nd at the historic Women’s Club of Hollywood.

  • It's awesomeness.

    - Liat, age 12

  • I learned that everybody else is feeling the same as I do.

    - Eva, age 10

  • Thank you for empowering my sis and other girls to give love, be brave, speak truth and have joy!

    - JaimieLynn, guardian

  • It was the most amazing experience. I will remember this for the rest of my life. The people there were so nice.

     - Jessica, age 13

  • Today I learned how alike strangers can be. I will always remember the connections I made with everyone here.

     - Taylor, age 13, Burbank, CA

  • I liked how we were so open with each other. GCP exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun.

     - Kayla, age 13, Burbank, CA

  • GCP helped me discover how many girls are like me. Thanks GCP!

     - Lindy, age 13, Burbank, CA

  • I like how everyone connected. Everything was perfect.

     - Emily, age 13, Burbank, CA

  • I love how we all bonded so quickly and how we now know we can always trust each other. I feel closer to everyone here. Thank you sooo much for making me feel confident and loved. I will never forget this experience.

     - Kate, age 14, Burbank, CA

  • Now I know that I can believe in myself. Thank you!!

    - Valeria, age 12, Burbank, CA

  • Today was fantastical!

    - Marisa, age 10, Burbank, CA

  • After today, I will always remember that I am ‘beautiful, unique, and loved!

    - Allison, age 11, Burbank, CA

  • Thank you for inspiring me! I LOVE YOU ALL! GCP Rules!

    - Ana, age 13, Burbank, CA

  • Thanks to GCP, I feel good about myself.

    - Rubina, age 12, Burbank, CA

  • Thank you so much for helping us feel connected and that we can trust each other.

    - Katie, age 10, Burbank, CA

  • This might sound dramatic, but today literally changed my life.

    - Reem, age 12, Burbank, CA

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About to start our first GCP workshop for the east coast! NYC girls are gonna be getting chummy today :)

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